Software DependenciesΒΆ

  • Astropy (for some analysis functions)
  • photutils (for photometry)
  • matplotlib (for plotting)
  • DS9 (image display - optional) * XPA:
  • Ginga (image display - optional )

astropy >= 1.0

python >= 2.7

numpy >= 1.7.0

photutils > 0.2
This must be installed to enable the photometry options for imexam() but it is not required

This must be installed in order to use the Ginga displays instead of DS9. Windows users who install from source should also install Ginga if they wish to use an image viewer since the DS9 and XPA compiles will be disabled. It’s possible to compile and install the XPA and DS9 from source, but not with typical default software.

Using ginga has the advantage that the imexam() loop is now event driven.

You can issue the viewer.imexam() command to print out the available examination command keys. The user can then press the “i” key while the mouse is in the graphics window, all subsequent key-presses will be grabbed without blocking your terminal command line. If you wish to turn of the imexam keys you can press either the “i” key a second time or the “q” key. A notification message will appear on screen that imexam mode has either started or stopped.

If you are using the Ginga HTML5 widget under python3 in the Jupyter notebook you should also install Pillow to get the correct image viewing.